Monumentos historicos

We have chosen some tips for trips. Selected monuments are sorted by distance mostly, from the closest ones. For each we have attached a brief description for you.


Mountain Říp and Rotunda of St. George

  • 20 minutes of walk
  • memorial Mountain Říp is one of the several most important places and everlasting symbols of our national history – it is related to the common legend of the arrival of our ancestors in our country
  • mountain Říp offers a really beautiful view of the surroundings
  • at the top of the mountain you will find the Cottage Říp with refreshments
  • on Mountain Říp there is the opportunity to visit the rotunda of St. George
  • more information at


Castle Roudnice nad Labem

  • 9,2 km (12 minutes car drive)
  • this Baroque castle is the fourth largest castle in the Czech Republic
  • the look of the castle from the beginning of the 17th century has been practically preserved until today
  • it was built in the place of the original Romanesque castle, which guarded an important trade route from Prague to Horní Lužice and at that time supervised the Elbe waterway


Spa Mšené

  • 12,7 km (13 minutes car drive)
  • ideal place for nature lovers
  • the historic area of the Mšené spa is located in the picturesque valley of the Mšenský brook
  • the spa offers the treatment of musculoskeletal system, rest or health strengthening


Račice u Litoměřic

  • 15,6 km (17 minutes car drive)
  • the Czech Championship in canoeing and rowing is held here
  • the channel is not just a top sports ground, it is possible to sunbathe and bathe
  • the asphalt roads around the canal (outside of road transport) are used by in-line skaters


the asphalt roads around the canal (outside of road transport) are used by in-line skaters

  • 15,7 km (15 minutes car drive)
  • it dates back to the beginning of the 12th century, it is a very valuable complex that has undergone several historical reconstructions
  • in the area the Jandovo Museum is open for visits – you can see there for example alchemist workshops and laboratories in the form from the age of Emperor Rudolf II. – the most credit goes to its residents from the vicinity, who supplied various valuable exhibits – one of them is a stuffed crocodile imported from Egypt



  • distance 17,6 km (18 minutes car drive)
  • the city lies above the confluence of the rivers of the Vltava and the Elbe
  • one of the interesting monuments is the originally medieval castle of Mělník from the 10th century, rebuilt into a Renaissance castle, as well as the town hall from 1398
  • the Gothic three -nave Church of St. Peter and Paul is also worth a visit
  • thanks to the viniculture, the Mělník hill is interwoven with a network of underground spaces, gradually made available to the public


Chateau Veltrusy and park

  • 20 km (24 minutes car drive)
  • the chateau from the first half of the 18th century is an extraordinary work of High Baroque, you can see it in the film “Amadeus” by Milos Forman
  • the park in Veltrusy is a very popular place for cycling trips, walks and other sports activities
  • there are dozens of rare trees in the park and many Baroque statues


Chateau Nelahozeves

  • 21 km (23 minutes car drive)
  • one of the most beautiful late Renaissance buildings in the Czech Republic
  • there is a permanent exhibition in the chateau “A view into the aristocratic interior of the family Lobkowicz” – 12 rooms from an age that show the life of one of the most important noble families in Bohemia in the 19th century
  • part of the tour is a portrait gallery of all family members from the 19th century to the present
  • the library offers examples of rare books and manuscripts, the reception salon is complemented by rare furniture and paintings of old masters such as Peter Paul Rubens


Kokořín Castle

  • Kokořín Castle
  • the castle was built at the beginning of the 14th century
  • it appears as a historic jewel in the protected landscape area Kokořínsko, located in the middle of forests in the romantic valley of the Pšovka River, high on the sandstone rock above the mine Kokořínsko


Kralupy nad Vltavou

  • 32,6 km (25 minutes car drive)
  • the City Center is considered to be the Pseudo -Gothic Church of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary and St. Wenceslas
  • the city is an important railway junction of several regional tracks, and the main line of Prague – Děčín, as well as one of the three oil nodes
  • the cycle route also suitable for in-line skates starts in Chvatěruby near Kralupy nad Vltavou and ends in Dolánky in garden refreshments near the locks, the length of this section is about 2 km, offers a pleasant ride along the Vltava, suitable for beginners or children


  • 24,4 km (21 minutes car drive)
  • a small fortress town – a never-conquered fortress built by Emperor Joseph II. to the defense of the homeland and to the honor of his mother Maria Theresa
  • the fortress was established to defend the Czech borders from the north now it forms a gateway to the beautiful Bohemian Central Mountains from the south
  • The main fortress served Nazi Germany as a Jewish ghetto during the Second World War, the Small Fortress became infamous as a prison of the Prague Gestapo (it is often incorrectly stated that a concentration camp was set up here) – for these purposes, the Nazis established a special railway siding that led from the nearby Bohušovice railway station above Ohří from the south to beyond the southern walls of the Main Fortress
  • now the Terezín Memorial has been established in the premises of the Small Fortress and the building is a national cultural monument small fortress town – a never-conquered fortress built by Emperor Joseph II. to the defense of the homeland and to the honor of his mother Maria Theresa


Memorial mountain Radobýl

  • 30,8 km (23 minutes car drive)
  • the mountain is located near the town of Litoměřice
  • from its top, you can see Litoměřice, Lovosice, the Elbe, the Říp mountain, part of the České středohoří and the Terezín basin as if in the palm of your hand



  • 31.7 km (24 minutes car drive)
  • it lies at the confluence of the Elbe and the Ohra
  • since the 13th century a royal city
  • the central Mírové square offers architecturally valuable Gothic houses – some of them are some of the oldest permanently inhabited houses in the entire Czech Republic
  • the Kalich viewing terrace, which is located in the building of the municipal office on Mírové náměstí, is accessible to a maximum of 12 people at a time as part of a professional interpretation with a guide
  • the Gothic castle of Litoměřice is also interesting for tourists
  • Cathedral of St. Štěpán with a publicly accessible observation tower – you can diversify the ascent to the tower by viewing historical artefacts related to the bishopric and the tower itself
  • the Koliba brewery, whose history dates back to the beginning of the 18th century, now produces beer called “Kousek” and various beer specialties (fruit, pepper, coffee, etc.) – it is possible to take an excursion to the brewery with an expert explanation
  • the “Garden of Bohemia” fair is held at the exhibition center – dedicated to fruit, vegetables, fruit and ornamental trees, perennials, garden tools and garden technology


Chateau Ploskovice

  • 38.4 km (30 minutes car drive)
  • one of the most beautiful castles in northern Bohemia – known, for example, from the fairy tale The Prince and Večernice
  • in addition to unique architecture, the castle boasts stylish interiors with paintings by J. Navrátil and sculptures by V. Levý, artificial caves (grottoes) and a beautiful park


  • 51.6 km (39 minutes car drive)
  • the capital city of the Czech Republic with many historical and cultural monuments
  • worth seeing is Prague Castle, Charles Bridge, Old Town Square, a visit to the National Technical Museum, the National Gallery, and much more that could not fit here
  • we recommend parking at P+R Černý most or P+R Letňany and taking the metro to the city center


Máchovo jezero (Mácha lake)

  • 55.4 km (53 minutes car drive)
  • popularly known as “Mácháč” is a large pond in the territory of the town of Doksy in the Liberec region, the largest Czech pond outside South Bohemia
  • you can enjoy water sports here, but also hiking, cycling or mushroom picking



  • 76.3 km (55 minutes car drive)
  • Děčínský sněžník lookout tower – one of the most beautiful lookouts belongs to the oldest stone buildings of its kind in the Czech Republic.
  • Děčín Castle – one of the oldest castles in Bohemia, it is one of the largest and most historically significant buildings of its kind in Bohemia, it hosted a number of famous personalities (Chopin, Palacký, Empress Sissi, etc.), the pink garden, spread out on a rock terrace above the city, offers a beautiful view to the city of Děčín
  • ZOO Děčín – one of the smallest zoos in our country, offers a pleasant walk (be aware that dogs are not allowed there)
  • Aquapark Děčín – one of the most modern recreational and sports complexes in the Czech Republic – in the outdoor summer part of the aquapark there are swimming pools (50 and 25 m), a recreational pool, wading pool, refreshments and extensive grassy areas, the indoor part offers a pool (25 m), children’s educational swimming pool, 3 water slides, water mushroom, wild river, bottom grate, gargoyles, children’s river, massage jets, 2 whirlpools, children’s wading pool and a restaurant
  • Shepherd’s Wall – this romantic viewpoint is located on a rocky promontory on the left bank of the Elbe River, and offers a beautiful view of the city.



  • 88.7 km (1 hour and 7 minutes by car)
  • is the gateway to the Czech Switzerland National Park
  • Hřensko is the starting point for trips to Pravčická brána, the largest natural rock bridge inEurope and to the gorges of the Kamenice river, where you can take a boat ride with a commentary from the ferryman


Pravčická brána

  • 91.4 km (1 hour and 10 minutes by car)
  • one of the most famous rock formations in Czech Switzerland and at the same time the largest sandstone rock gate in Europe
  • the formation was created by lateral erosion in a narrow sandstone promontory, the height of the vault is 16 meters and the width is almost 27 meters
  • in 2000 Pravčická brána became the symbol of the Czech Switzerland National Park
  • this wonder of nature was nominated as the 7th wonder of the world


Dresden (Germany)

  • distance from the cottage is 108 km (1 hour and 6 minutes car drive)
  • a historic city with beautiful monuments, full of museums and galleries with a changing program – especially thanks to the museums and their changing exhibitions, tourists will always find something new here
  • Zwinger – the most remarkable and famous Baroque monument, the seat of the Electors of Saxony, now used as a picture gallery, which contains, for example, Rembrandt’s works
  • a huge number of shops and shopping galleries with an endless selection, e.g. Altmarkt Galerie


Česká Lípa

Zákupy Castle

  • 59 km (58 by car)
  • Not far from Česká Lípa, on the banks of the river Svitavka, the Zákupy castle rises up to the sky.
  • Visitors can choose from two basic circuits. The castle under Emperor Ferdinand I takes them to the representative and private rooms of Emperor Ferdinand Dobrotivý with period furnishings, equipment and also a hand-operated elevator from the end of the 19th century. The tour of the Castle under Emperor Francis Joseph I focuses on the penultimate owner, Emperor Francis Joseph I, and those interested in it will also visit the castle chapel.
  • A shortened children’s circuit has been specially prepared for children, and they will certainly also enjoy the fairytale dungeon with Snow White, Cinderella or Sleeping Beauty.

Hell mines in Českolipsko

  • 65 km (1 hour 7 minutes by car)
  • Pekelné doly is a motorcycle club in the unique environment of the sandstone underground in the Lužické mountains. Nearby is Máchovo jezero or Sloup v Čechách. You don’t have to be a member of the club to take a look inside. For a fee, anyone can visit the little “hell”.

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